People heal from their pain when they have an authentic connection to another human being.
                                                                                                                     - Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D.

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"I cannot say enough about the quality of . . .

. . . Amy Pierce's intelligent, compassionate presence. As a therapist and pastoral
counselor myself, I wanted to find these qualities in the person who would care for me. Amy was a godsend. She is, without a doubt, the finest counselor I have ever had. She 
has a deep integrity and possesses an appreciative openness to life in all its forms.
Amy has, in many ways, become my minister; her office has become my sanctuary."  
                            - Suzanne Luper, M.Div, L.P.C., Former Director, Triangle Pastoral Counseling, Raleigh
You are welcome to call for a free 15-minute consultation

​Copyright 2002-2013 Authentic Self Center of the Triangle

Authentic Self Center of the Triangle  is . . .


You are welcome to call for a free 15-minute consultation

​Copyright 2002-2015 Authentic Self Center of the Triangle

Authentic Self Center of the Triangle is . . .

. . . a much lauded resource for the facilitation of personal growth, emotional health, balance, and integrative healing on all levels, and for guiding one's spiritual learning and exploration. We are located in North Carolina’s Triangle region.  We also work with folks outside the area via Skype and phone. We are not a non-profit, but we function on a donation basis. More about this at the bottom of this page.
Created in 2002 on the premise of a Truth -- we are whole beings, not broken, therefore not in need of fixing, but with some worthy work to do -- the Center is now in its second decade of providing the sort of growth and inner healing to others that I, Amy, have been able to experience for myself. Hundreds of people have benefited from working with me on a wide range of issues, interests, and challenges. For adults (individuals and couples) this work may include . . .
self esteem and worthiness


relationships and communication


life transitions such as career, divorce, aging


grief, loss, and fear
spiritual seeking, direction and mentoring​


burnout, stress, depression


sexual orientation
caregiving, illness, end of life
Additional offerings:
  Sophie's Gift Animal Loss 
 (for children and adults)
AirGiving for Caregiving:
(respite support for professional and family caregivers) 
          Transformational classes, book studies, and workshops ​
The above adjunctive offerings are described in detail at the "Additional" menu. 

Donations . . .

 We are not able to accept insurance, so we choose to function on a donation basis. Sessions are 60 minutes in length at a suggested amount of $100 and we ask that you donate at that level unless doing so would cause you hardship, in which case please donate at a level that makes your work with me possible for you. 

integrative healing for spirit, mind, body