"You're like the old country doctor. Thank you, Amy."
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            AirGiving for CareGiving . . . 

Perhaps you are . . . 
caring for someone who is struggling with a lengthy or chronic illness . . . 
facing the imminent loss
of a loved one . . . 
living with your own health issues
while taking care of another . . . 
The privilege and joy of caring for others, whether loved ones or those for whom you are employed, is undeniably accompanied and often overshadowed by the daily trials and tribulations of that caring. At some point in time, those giving sustained care to others will likely experience uncomfortable emotions. Feelings of inadequacy, self-judgment, guilt, and fear, not to mention becoming emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausted, can be expected and are normal. As the caregiver you, too, have vital needs, and if you become depleted you will be unable to give the care that you want and need to give.
As a caregiver, what makes up your deep draughts of Air? 
Do you allow yourself the emotional freedom to find that Air? 
How easy is it to allow yourself life-giving Air without feeling you ought not
enjoy it, or even ought not experience Air while someone you love is suffering? 
Allowing yourself the space to take in the vital essence of Air through the listening and compassionate care of someone like me is one of the best gifts you can give, both to yourself and to everyone else central in your life. By taking in this necessary nourishment, your ability to continue refreshed and rejuvenated in your caregiving role is greatly enhanced. 
For the sake of yourself and those in your care, I invite you to consider AirGiving for Caregiving as a part of your own care plan.
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