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Sophie's Gift Animal Loss Support . . .

Sophie was my beloved cat companion for ten years. 
Just before her death in June of 2006, one of her
gifts to me was the idea of incorporating animal
loss support for adults and children into my work.
Sophie's Gift is the result of a Whispering from this wonderful creature, self-described as a "beautiful golden ball of light."

"I am a beautiful golden ball of light."  - Sophie​     

grieving the illness or death of a dear animal, 
struggling with overwhelming emotions, 
finding little support for your feelings, 
concerned or embarrassed by the intensity of your response? 
If any of the above are true for you, know that there is nothing wrong or extraordinary about how you're feeling; in fact, these emotions are normal
and natural, and  expressing them is necessary for our healing and for
our abiiity to move through such a difficult experience.
Oftentimes, our society, our health professionals, and even
our families and friends are ill-prepared to support us in the
full expression of our grief. Sadly, this is especially common
when the object of our loss is an animal. 
Sophie's Gift offers grief counseling and bereavement services
to adults and children in need of additional support when
experiencing the illness or loss of an animal friend.

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Resources For You and Your Companions . . .

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   Jean Ussery
   Barb Borkowski
   Tera Thomas
   Companion Chi
   Healing Arts Network
   Peaceful Passing
   Dr. Jennifer Frey
   (home service)
   Faithful Friends
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