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          To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst
                                 not then be false to any man."   - William Shakespeare

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Being You . . .

Are you content with who you are? Is your glass half full or half empty most days - or does it vary? Do others respond positively to you, seeking out your company, maybe even your listening ear, or do you find it difficult to relate compassionately to others when they are suffering, perhaps because it reminds you of your own pain?
Are there areas in your life asking to be delved into involving questions about
living authentically or finding your life's purpose? Most important, are you listening to your Spirit? If Self growth is becoming a priority, are your goals and efforts in that direction being met with the kind of response you most need?
The truth is, you're unique, so your successful Self-work will involve numerous facilitated processes and investigations that are yours and yours alone. And at the same time, we humans all share one powerful yearning - the need for connection. 

To heal the present, heal the past, the holdings of the heart . . .

No one wants to live in the past, yet most of us aren't aware that, for better or worse, our past is an active part of our present. In best-case scenarios our heart is filled with memories of positive experiences within our families, permitting us to perpetuate those sorts of experiences and connections for ourselves in both our personal and professional relationships. In worse-case scenarios our heart is full of unresolved pain, often leading to struggles with self esteem or an inability to give and receive love or partake of life's goodness. Operating under the surface, such unexamined pain contributes in large measure to depression, stress, illness, and influences our beliefs thoughts, choices, actions, and behaviors, creating problems in relationships and the inability to communicate at a level that we  and others would most appreciate and enjoy. Not knowing how to connect with and listen to our Spirit only adds to the pain.
I know you want to feel better, know this not only from the mind, but from the heart because I used to feel the same way. Sometimes I still do! But I learned through my own deeply fulfilling, rich healing efforts,  that feeling better really does feel better. Such healing work is welcomed here. I would take joy in facilitating the healing of whatever you're still holding deep in your heart that has been waiting for the light of a new day.
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