"What I do, I do for the sake of Beauty . . . and for the sake of the One we all are."
                                                                                                                                                        - Amy

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Classes . . .

"Conversations About Authentic Self"


Conversations About Authentic Self is the interactive primer I wish I'd had over three decades ago when I began my spiritual journey in earnest. These Conversations are my distillation for you of 30-plus years of spiritual study, education, and personal
healing work.
The series of classes is designed to provide you with the same ways and means that 
I have used to embody and live from (most of the time) my Higher Self, also called Authentic Self. Through seven conversations (five topics) you will be introduced to 
in-depth, practical ways and means of healing what I call The Great Illusion, our
common belief in separation from each other and from Source (God/Tao/All That Is). 
This common belief creates and underlies ALL personal and global suffering and leads to the deadly and shared belief that I call The World's Great Lie:  Unworthiness.
When utilized, the tools, practices, and ways of being you will learn and embody will allow a daily walk as the Authentic Self that you truly are. As it is for me, this walk will likely be a practice for the rest of your Earth life.
Authentic Self:  The Story Big Enough to Live In
New Wine or Old Wine Skins:  Symptom, Illness, and the Emotional Body
As a Man Thinketh in His Heart:  The Deeper Meaning of the Law of Attraction
The Other Trinity:  Inner Child/Re-parenting 
Is it About What We Expect of Life or What Life Expects of Us?

 The Five Topics . . .

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