"Even if you don't yet understand what this workshop is about, just take it! It will change your life." 
                                                                      - Cindy Squashic, Accredited Dog Trainer, CGC Evaluator

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For Life Breakthroughs . . .

                 The Five Elements of

    Chinese Medicine Applied to Daily Life

In this acclaimed Wisdom Traditions workshop you will receive in-depth,comprehensive teaching about the Five Elements for the purpose of equipping you with a very reliable method of applying the Gifts and Movements of these Elements to the joys, problems, concerns, and issues of your 21st-Century life. 




"Walking the Circle is a powerful experience of self-awareness. With Amy's expert guidance and use of the Five Elements, and her explanation of each step, I was able to move through fear and come to a place of peace inside myself. Amy's presence is supportive and reassuring, and I wholeheartedly recommend her and this method of transformation."
                                                  - Nancy H., Interfaith Minister

 Format . . .

This half-day, group workshop (non-group workshops are listed below) is divided into an initial period of learning and Q&A, followed by a break, after which the first of two participants will literally "Walk the Circle."
What does "Walk the Circle" mean?
The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine are the Elements of Nature, 
both outside and within us. Individually and collectively they
possess certain qualities and purposes that can be used as tools
for self-investigation and movement. Each Element is presenced on
the floor by five vinyl circles in the colors associated with each.


Each facilitated "walk" within and through the Elements is designed to be an exploration
of a particular personal situation, concern, problem, challenge, relationship, desire (the list can go on and on) that the individual walker would like to . . . create change or movement within, come to peace about, make a decision or plan for, resolve in some


way, etc. Literally anything can be brought to this process! A single walk can take up to 50 minutes. Following a walk the group "harvests" (talks about) what each person experienced as Observer/Participant, (those who observe are also affected by what they've witnessed). Each walker harvests their personal experience near the end of their walk.) At the conclusion of the workshop Amy answers any lingering   questions before the group as a whole harvests the day, offering personal reflections and observations about their experiences.
At the very least, whether witnessed or walked a conscious trip around and within the Five Elements can yield many things, including a deeper trust and ease in the unknown; a plan
of action and the ability to carry it out; greater purpose, joy, and connection; deeper compassion, groundedness and gratitude; a willingness and ability to lovingly tend to self and others; access to inspiration and spirit; a graceful ability to honestly acknowledge - to bow to - the "What Is" as it exists right now; the ability and willingness to "let go" of what no longer serves one's life and living.

Letting Go


  Costs and Logistics

This workshop is offered in the following ways:
          - Group (minimum of 4 people) 125 per person.
            (If group is held at Authentic Self Center there is room for four participants).
            If you wish to host a home workshop the host attends for $65, and there must be             a minimum of five participants, including the host).
         - Individual: 155
         - Partnered couple: 275
         - Small businesses or corporations (for-profit and non-profit): variable pricing
Some scholarships are available.

  Additional testimonials . . . 

"As a novice to this kind of work, I didn't know what to expect when attending Amy Pierce's Five Elements workshop. After walking the circle, a lot of things that had been simmering in my life came together in a profound way. I am grateful for this experience, and I continue to reap the benefits in ongoing ways.
                                                        - Pamela Findley, Educator
"I love the Five Elements and use them professionally in my Reiki/Acupressure practice. They have always appealed to me as elegant and mysterious. I wanted to go deeper with the Elements in practical application. Amy's skill, insight, and ability to facilitate the "walkers" of the Circle profoundly affected me, even as an onlooker to another's process.
I highly encourage my clients, students, and others to attend Amy's Five Elements workshop or Walk the Circle with her individually."
                                                                                - Fran Wellgood, Wellgood Work
"Living in our current cultural climate as a male can sometimes feel cold, painful, and lonely. There is often the temptation to believe that something is wrong with us when we feel sad, anxious, or angry. We are encouraged to 'man up!' or 'get over it already!' Walking the Circle with Amy is a gentle reminder that to honor our emotions is an important opportunity to embrace our wholeness as human beings.
"My personal experience of Walking the Circle with Amy could be metaphorically described as being invited to come in from the cold, wrap up in a warm quilt, sit by the fire, and sip on some tea. Amy welcomed and joined me right where I was, embraced me with compassion, and guided me with attentiveness, clarity and ease.
"I have also been fortunate to bear witness as Amy has led others in this ceremony. As I watched the process unfolding in front of my eyes, I couldn't help but think of someone being invited to take off their emotional boxing gloves and slip into a nice, comfortable pair of dancing shoes. Walking the Circle with Amy is a blessing. It is an invitation to slow down, look inward, and reconnect with our true nature
                                                                                        - Joe G., Counselor
"With Amy's guidance my walk around the circle was a wonderful experience. I walked about a situation filled with complex emotions and Amy led me back and forth through the Elements to find the answers revealed by those Elements within myself. I left with a plan of action, a clear reason for that action, and an open mind about both the timing of when to take that action and what is yet unknown. The experience was both spiritual and logical and I felt settled and peaceful at the end. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to using this transformational method to move through other situations." 
                                                                                                                         - Louisa O. – Doula
With Amy's nurturing spirit, walking the circle is both a healing and empowering process. Amy encouraged me to bring whatever I needed to release or discern and offered gentle guidance and a safe space so I could move at my own pace and allow the Elements to move within me. I learned how to receive the “Gifts of the Five” and use them to channel me into a grounded perspective on what I wanted to remove, change, or build.                                                                                                                     - Carol C., Writer and Healthcare Professional
"When Amy offered to lead me through a walk around the Chinese Creative Cycle,
I jumped at the opportunity. I had participated in Amy's Conversations About Authentic Self series and so knew that it would be enjoyable, enlightening, and delivered in a way that would be easy to understand. In a very short period of time,  I walked away with a practical, tangible plan that I can use everyday. It was a very moving experience and was definitely time well spent. I highly recommend this enlightening walk with Amy and the Five Elements to everyoneI know."
                                                                                    - Pauline S., R.N., H.N.C, Life Coach
"I have an infinite gratitude for the ways in which Amy presents significant, meaningful new information with embodied wisdom. She "holds the space" in such a way that all are welcomed, reminded of the sacred within, and held in infinite embrace. This retreat and educational experience was nothing short of transformative. "
                                                               - Jennifer F., Hospice Spiritual Care Counselor
"As I walked the circle, Amy's carefully guided questions opened the doors for deeper understanding. The process is similar to walking a labyrinth, with its turns and re-turns,
a dance during which there is an awakening - where insights emerge, and there is a
'letting go' and a new invitation for becoming more whole in mind, body and Spirit. 
In those moments there is a remembering and re-membering."  
                                                                                             - Stacy G., Interfaith Minister
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